2021 is a great year for gaming, especially for single player games and here are our top 10 Single Player games that we are looking forward to playing this year.

1. Biomutant

Have you ever dreamed about being a cat that can wield swords and guns and has mastered kung fu? Of course you have and lucky for you, thanks to new studio Experiment 101, your dreams are about to come true. Biomutant is an action RPG set in an open world game and it looks like it plays similar to the Devil May Cry games but with a very unique art style and setting with some crazy looking characters.

The game has a crafting system and an interesting feature called mutations that change the genetic make up of your cat over time. Apparently the decisions you make over the course of the game will affect the story. Biomutant is due for release on 25th May and is coming out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC and is playable on next-gen systems through their backwards compatibility feature.


2. Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to the brilliant Horizon: Zero Dawn, Guerrilla Games are surely on to a winner with Horizon: Forbidden West. Due for launch this year but with no solid release date yet, this highly anticipated open world game sees Aloy journeying further west to a future apocalyptic version of America to investigate something that is killing off organic life. I expect Forbidden West to be quite similar to the previous game but with even more stellar visuals, new foes, weapons, refined mechanics like swimming underwater and diversity in environments to explore. This one is sure to be a great game.

3. Resident Evil 8

Resident Evil Village is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7, adopting the same first person perspective that was put to such good use but amping up the tension. The main antagonist appears to be a very tall lady called lady Dimitrescu but there seem to be all sorts of weird foes to contend with like werewolves and ladies that turn into insects. The game seems to depart even further from the zombie roots of the old ones but Resident Evil Village looks set to amp things up in a positive way and capitalise on the the successes of its predecessor. The game is due on May 7.

4. Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart

Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart finally has a release date and it looks like gamers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on the Playstation 5 will get to enjoy Insomniac’s next-gen platformer on June 11. Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart is a proper next-gen game; doing things that could not be done on last gen consoles by putting the PS5’s blistering fast SSD to good use allowing Ratchet & Clank to navigate through multiple game worlds in a matter of seconds with no load times. Insomniac have been on a roll lately and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart just looks absolutely fantastic, replete with ray tracing goodness, tons of enemies and physics and lots of character.

5. Shadow Warrior 3

I have never played a Shadow Warrior game but Shadow Warrior 3 looks absolutely insane. Created by Flying Wild Hog and published by the equally insane Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior 3 is a first person linear single player game filled with over the top action that’s reminiscent of Duke Nukem and Serious Sam but injected with modern day mechanics like wall running, grappling hooks and gory melee combat, all happening at a blistering place. The enemy types and bosses are so inventive and strange and the Unreal Engine 4 is put through its paces because the game looks lovely. No specific release date has bee announced but Shadow Warrior 3 is slated for a 2021 release on on PC, Xbox and Playstation which will most likely include the last gen and next gen consoles.

6. Returnal

Another Playstation 5 exclusive and one that has been delayed from March to the end of April, Returnal is a third person sci-fi shooter from the excellent studio Housemarque that gave us the brilliant Resogun and Nex Machina. You can kind of see some of the Resodun influences with all manner of projectiles being fired at you but now, as a proper 3D game, its going to be really interesting to see how well Housemarque fare with the added dimension. The gameplay looks hectic and apparently the title is supposed to put the PS5’s adaptive triggers to good use. If you have a PS5, do not sleep on this title.

7. Kena Bridge of Spirits

Look at the gameplay for Kena Bridge of Spirits. Does this look like an indie title to you? If anything, this looks like a Pixar movie which is a huge testament to the talent at Ember Lab studios. This is a timed console exlcusive for the Playstation and Sony seem to have done well money-hatting this one because aside from its gorgeous looking visuals, Kena Bridge of Spirits story and gameplay look just as promising. The game is due for release in the first quarter of this year on PC, the PS4 and PS5.

8. Halo Infinite

343 have had mixed successes dealing with the seminal Halo games but with the final game in their trilogy, you can bet that Halo Infinite is going to go big on the single player campaign. A lot of noise has been made about the open world nature of the game but only the Halo hardcore truly know the significance of the Halo ring this game is set on. Zeta Halo as its known, houses incredible history and Halo lore and you can bet that all manner of surprises await gamers in the campaign. This is one of the most anticipated games of the year despite the controversies surrounding the visual quality of what was shown last year. I think Halo Infinite will  deliver one of the best Halo campaigns in years. Yes, I said it and we’ll find out if I am right or wrong this fall.


9. Psychonauts 2

The fact that we are getting a Psychonauts sequel fills me with joy, especially considering how the genius that is Tim Schafer and his Studio Double Fine have always delivered critically successful games that are regarded as classics like Brutal legend and Broken but they haven’t been mega sales blockbusters. Luckily, Microsoft have acquired Double Fine which hopefully gives Tim and his colleagues at Double Fine all the impetus to deliver the best Psychonaughts game they can. If you didn’t play the original game, Psychonauts 2 is based on a 3D platformer following the antics of a psychic called Raz in a world where psychic powers are the norm. The game’s unique art style and character design are great and it remains to be seen whether the sequel can modernise the platforming elements to bring them up to snuff to the modern age. The game is coming to last gen and current gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles and PC this year.

10. God of War: Ragnarok

This is a reluctant addition to this list not, because God of War: Ragnork isn’t worthy; oh hell no. God of War: Ragnarok is perhaps is the single most important single player game in this video. However, there is a big question mark surrounding its actual release date; namely, not many people think it will actually make an appearance this year. Either way, if it does drop in 2021, gamers will be pleasantly surprised and this will be Kratos’ year. God of War in 2018 breathed in a whole new lease of life in the series and whilst we haven’t seen any gameplay for Ragnarok, one can imagine just how incredible it will look with the power of the Playstation 5. Hopefully Atreus is a little less annoying and we get to enjoy more variety in the enemy types this time round.


Those are my top 10 single player games for 2021. There are a lot of great games that just missed out in my top 10 spot and no doubt you will have your own top 10 list of games. Please let me know what games you think are missing from this list or which one in particular you are hyped about.