The Xbox Series X launch is unlikely to be delayed by manufacturing limitations from the COVID-19 pandemic, according to an interview with Microsoft’s CEO.

A lot of industry analysts have now often expressed fears beacuse a lot of manufacturing facilities in China have had to close which could impact the Holiday 2020 launch of the upcoming next gen console, the Xbox Series X. There have been talks of a strong likelihood of delays of both Microsoft and Sony’s next-gen consoles.

However, Satyna Nadella, CEO at Microsoft told CNBC ”on the supply side we are getting back on rails,” in response to a question about whether the company would be able to deliver on upcoming hardware launches such as Xbox Series X. Businesses in China have been steadily re-opening as the country starts ti overcome the worst of the pandemic.It is in Microsoft’s interest to paint as positive a picture for his business as possible but any halt in services owing to the pandemic could end up having a negligible impact on the Xbox Series X production.

Covid-19 did also affect Microsoft’s cloud infrastucture. Xbox Live servies where reportedly been overloaded due to more people stay home as lockdown’s are enforced globally. Live services such as Xbox Game Pass have reportedly seen a signifcant boost in new users and overall online players in the last 2 weeks. Some users have reported problems logging in to Xbox Live services. 

Satya Nadella also stated;

”If this was a previous generation of data center architectures or software architectures, I don’t think we would have been able to deal with this crisis as effectively as we have been able to,” Nadella said.

Despite these extenuating circumstances however, the most important concern right now rightly should be the safety of all people including those that work for Microsoft. Nonetheless, news of unhindered Xbox console production is welcome and hopefully the same applies to Sony and the PlayStation 5.