The Glare is a passive mob which can be found in dark places. This mob will change its facial expression to indicate whether it is in an area which is dark enough for hostile mobs to spawn. This mob will be very useful for cave explorers who only have limited torches and want to use them effectively, and to builders who want to ensure their lighting distribution will protect their build from the hazard of creeper spawns. 

Minecrafters will be voting for the Glare and its opponents on the 16th of October 2021. You may have your doubts that the Glare can actually win the vote, but it is important to remember that those who turn up to vote can overwhelmingly disagree with what others of us think is the obvious choice. 

The 2020 mob vote was between the hostile Iceologer, the passive Moobloom and the passive Glow Squid. Many Minecrafters, myself included, saw the hostile Iceologer as the most likely winner; the Moobloom was my preference but I didn’t anticipate a passive mob taking the victory. Many of us were then shocked to find that not only had a passive mob won, but the arguably less interesting of the two passive mobs ultimately made its way into the game. Following the vote, I asked Glow Squid supporters across various social media platforms and was surprised by the explanations they gave for their vote.

Minecraft is a game with an immense and diverse playerbase, and as the game can be played in many ways, the playerbase includes many kinds of players. I was surprised to learn that there is a significant proportion of Minecrafters who are very intimidated by hostile mobs and may be strongly drawn to a passive mob who can help minimize their interactions with those that impede their enjoyment of the game. 

Another reason that the Glow Squid came out on top in the last vote was that it was lucky enough to become the ‘meme vote’. The Glow Squid was the least interesting of the three in terms of how it was presented to us in the introductory animation; Tiny Jens and Tiny Agnes were mesmerized by the Glow Squid and were left unable to say much about it. A similar thing seemed to happen to Minecrafters as many emphatically supported the squid because they found the idea of it winning to be entertaining. The Glare’s usefulness is probably the most limited of the three options which makes it the perfect candidate to become this year’s meme vote. 

So, those are the reasons why I think the Glare is going to win this year’s vote. For more information on some of the previous mob votes please check out my prediction from last year.  It’s still an informative read even though I ultimately got it wrong. To save myself the embarrassment this year I’ve cleverly (and shamelessly) written 3 different predictions. Check out the comments section below to see why the Copper Golem or the Allay might soon be joining us in the world of Minecraft!