The Copper Golem is Going to Win the Mob Vote, and Here’s Why

The Copper Golem is a passive, playerbuilt mob. They are constructed using Copper Ingots, and as with Copper blocks will oxidize over time turning a minty green. Copper Golems will have a limited lifespan, eventually turning into oxidized copper statues when their time runs out. Copper Golems will randomly press copper buttons; Copper buttons don’t exist in the game at present, so a victory for the Copper Golem uniquely includes a new item being implemented too. This functionality will be of massive interest to redstone engineers.

Minecrafters will be voting for the Copper Golem and its opponents on the 16th of October 2021. You may have your doubts that the Copper Golem can actually win the vote, but Minecrafters who love redstone automation may represent a significant enough percentage of all voters that they can sway the vote. 

The possibilities of redstone may be said to be endless; there are a number of ways to use redstone circuits and rails to automate a number of useful processes and aesthetic displays. Something that the redstone tool kit is perhaps lacking is an element of randomness. As the Copper Golem will interact with copper buttons somewhat randomly, this creates many interesting possibilities for redstone functionality. If the Copper Golem is implemented, its behaviours as a mob will add a new axis of interaction for redstone operations not previously seen as mobs do not normally interact with buttons or switches. 

As well as its functionality in the game, the Copper Golem will be of great interest to players as an endearing new mob. The Iron Golem is a well liked mob by players (with the exceptions of players who are hostile to villagers and their protectors), and the smaller differently coloured Copper Golem is guaranteed to be appreciated by the same players. When the Copper Golem is implemented, it may even have some interaction with its iron counterpart; the relationship between the two mobs is likely to spark inspiration within the Minecraft community. 

As the Copper Golem will eventually oxidize and turn into an inanimate statue, this creates another decorative item which will be appreciated by builders. Although Minecraft has many decorative items, statues are a much requested item. A player can build a statue of any creature or item in the game by scaling it up and creating the details with the game’s 1 meter cubed blocks. Smaller more detailed decorations can sometimes be created by combining smaller objects and by glitching armour stands to place objects within each other, but the Copper Golem statues will be a unique and easy to acquire alternative. 

So, those are the reasons why I think the Copper Golem is going to win this year’s vote. For more information on some of the previous mob votes please check out my prediction from last year.  It’s still an informative read even though I ultimately got it wrong. To save myself the embarrassment this year I’ve cleverly (and shamelessly) written 3 different predictions. Check out the comments section below to see why the Allay or the Glare might soon be joining us in the world of Minecraft!