There’s nothing better than playing games with your mates and if you’re into your co-operative games, 2021 should have you covered.   Here are 8 co-op games coming out this year that you should set your sights on. 

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

Hood: Outlaws and Legends is an interesting game inspired by heist movies where your team of 4 players have to plan to infiltrate a stronghold, steal a treasure vault key and escape. You can approach these objectives stealthily or just all out attack but what makes this game interesting is that there is an opposing team of 4 other real players who are trying to achieve the same thing. Early glimpses of the gameplay show a lot of promise and this game is brought to you by the talented studio Sumo Digital, the studio behind Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Team Sonic Racing. The game is due to release on May 10 and if you pre-order the game, you get to play the game 3 days earlier.


Gamers have been begging for a sequel to Left for Dead 2 for years and alas, we are getting one, although in another guise. Make no mistake, Back 4 Blood is a sequel to Left for Dead in all but name made by the same developers that gave us the survival horror co-op game that grabbed gamers by the fleshy bits over a decade ago.

The game has an interesting card system where cards and decks are dished out in a game determining what kind of perks a player gets or what kind of undead horde you face in the game. Players earn different cards as they complete challenges or levels making them stronger.

Whilst Back 4 Blood shares a lot with the Left for Dead, it appears offers a deeper experience. There are more zombie varieties and player can upgrade their characters. Players can now purchase and upgrade weapons, adding various attachments to them. It remains to be seen how well Back 4 Blood balances all these new systems whilst still retaining the DNA of the Left for Dead Games. The game is scheduled for release this summer, on 22 of June.



People Can Fly, the studio that gave us Bulletstorm and Gears of War Judgement are back with Outriders, a title that looks like it has been heavily inspired by Destiny . Described by the studio as an RPG shooter, the game has a character creator, 4 players classes, a levelling system and skill trees. If this sounds very similar to you, then you’re not alone in thinking that.

Don’t just think this is a mere Destiny clone though. The game has been in the works for approximately 5 years and benefits from a proper story and strong co-op elements built from the ground up for the game. The gameplay looks really smooth and promising and the way the 4 player classes and their abilities interact with each other kind of reminds me of the underrated co-op mode in Mass Effect 3. Unless the game gets delayed again, you won’t have to wait long as a demo is due out soon and Outriders is scheduled for release on April Fools day.



There is no way Halo Infinite could not get a mention Halo is known for its co-op experience and Halo Infinite is set to take this to another level with its now semi-open world structure. Fans will be happy to note that the split-screen feature, which was missing in Halo 5 is now back. Roaming around on an open world Halo planet on a Warthog is a mouth-watering proposition and here’s hoping the game can live up to the gargantuan levels of hype surrounding it. Halo Infinite is due for launch in Fall 2021.



Batman is dead and the batcave is no more. This sounds like a horrible premise for a game based in the batman universe but Gotham’s B-team looks set to have its glow-up as Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood protect the eternally troubled city in Gotham Knights. I can’t say I’m particularly hyped about the protagonists in this but the gameplay for Gotham Knights shows a lot of promise. With great looking visuals, a very similar combat system to Rocksteady’s brilliant Arkham games, RPG elements like the XP system, custom player builds and drop-in cooperative play, Gotham Knights looks like it can succeed where Marvel’s Avengers failed.

We have no solid release date for Gotham Knights but it is due to release in 2021.



Remember Josef Fares? Yeah that guy. Apart from being very charistmatic he also loves developing great co-op experiences. Just like his previous game A Way Out, his studio Hazelight’s next big game is called It Takes Two, a couch or online co-op game with split screen play. This one is geared to be more family friendly but the art style and gameplay looks absolutely sublime. Two humans have been turned into dolls and have to travel through a fantasy world to try and return to normal. The game is due out soon on 26th March.


This next game might not make in 2021 but considering it was supposed to come last year, there may still be chance Dying Light 2 makes an appearance this year. Officially, Dying Light 2 has been delayed indefinitely but the studio is working on making sure that the game is as good as it can be. The original Dying Light was a great open world experience that got a ton of support post launch and Dying Light 2 looks to take things to a whole new level with a map that is four times bigger than the original game and with  over 100 hours of total content.



I’ve never played a Warhammer game, mostly because those Warhammmer shops and the people inside them scared the crap out of me but Warhammer’s art style really loosk really cool and the early snippets we have seen for the game look amazing. The visuals look next-gen and the gameplay looks super fun with a mix of first person combat with mellee weapons and some insane looking guns. What more can you ask for? No solid release date has been given but Warhammer 40K: Darktide is slated for a 2021 release.


There you have it; GameOnDaily’s top 8 co-op games of 2021. Which co-op game are you hyped for? If it’s a game that did not feature in this list, please let us know in the comments below. Make sure to check out our video and like and subscribe if you enjoyed it!