The Allay is a passive mob found in the overworld. When the player gives it an item the Allay will collect more of this item and return them to the player. The Allay also reacts to music. This mob could be incredibly helpful for speeding up resource gathering and farming. 

Minecrafters will be voting for the Allay and its opponents on the 16th of October 2021. You may have your doubts that the Allay can actually win the vote, but it is important to remember that different Minecrafters will prioritise different mobs based on how they will benefit their playstyle. 

Minecraft is a game with an immense and diverse playerbase, and as the game can be played in many ways, the playerbase includes many kinds of players. Some players will spend a lot of time on builds of incredible scale. These builds will require an immense quantity of resources, and anything that expedites the gathering process so that builders can concentrate on actually building is going to be of massive benefit. 

A specific example of where the Allay will come in handy will be known to players who like to live and build in a Minecraft village. Villagers are able to pick up some vegetables and seeds; they will then use any food items for breeding, and transfer any seeds to a farmer who will seek to replant the seeds in the farmland. If the player is farming with the intention of trading the produce to a farmer, having that produce and the means to grow more confiscated by a farmer villager or his neighbour is going to cause a loss in profits and an increase in frustration. This is particularly true if you’re using an automation method which results in many seeds and vegetables being harvested at once, such as by pouring water onto the farm. If the drops aren’t consistently being directed to a hopper by the waterflow then this can result in a mad scramble between the player and any number of roaming villagers. With an Allay or 3 helping you, your harvesting can be much more efficient and your produce more secure. If you’re a fan of the village playstyle and want to better understand the mechanics of village life, please check out my Ultimate Minecraft Village Guide.

Another reason the Allay is likely to win is that it is said to be a fan of music. With its cute appearance and an endearing behaviour like reacting to music, the Allay is likely to win the hearts of many minecrafters.   

So, those are the reasons why I think the Allay is going to win this year’s vote. For more information on some of the previous mob votes please check out my prediction from last year.  It’s still an informative read even though I ultimately got it wrong. To save myself the embarrassment this year I’ve cleverly (and shamelessly) written 3 different predictions. Check out the comments section below to see why the Copper Golem or the Glare might soon be joining us in the world of Minecraft!