Almost a decade ago, Final Fantasy XIV was released to, well let’s just say a less than stellar reception. It was a game that Square Enix had stated that, if they had a repeat, could very well ruin the company. Alas, three years later, the Japanese developer rebuilt the MMO from the ashes of old and created a greater experience. Mind you, A Realm Reborn was far from the best game on the market, with a slow and sometimes monotonous pace, but it was still a significant improvement that laid the groundwork for future releases. Since then, we received one of the best expansions ever in the form of Heavensward that consisted of a dark and (in-world) politically-charged plot. Then we were treated to the second expansion Stormblood, which while has its numerous faults, ended up being an adventure that was highly engaging thanks to its antagonist and trials. Now we come to today where the user base is higher than it has ever been. The third expansion, Shadowbringers, is finally available, and all we can say is that Square Enix has outdone themselves.