Josef Fares and his team at Hazelight Studios have outdone themselves. It Takes Two is an incredible experience that no only reinvigorates the ailing couch cooperative formula but takes it to new heights with what is one of the best platformers released in recent years. Gaz and Asa offer their impressions of the game but do check out their play through and their closing impressions in the below:


Josef Fares is a saucy character for sure. When I played his previous game, A Way Out, I did think there was a lot of potential for his now trademark split-screen coop experience to do a lot more in the gameplay department. A Way Out seemed limited as far as gameplay mechanics were concerned, relying on Quick Time Events (QTE’s) and basic movements but its story was its focus. It Takes Two does everything I imagined this kind of experience (which I will now dub the Fares Formula) could doand more. Variety is the spice of life and Hazelight have taken this to heart by ensuring that every few minutes into the game, the mechanics change completely to keep the proceedings fresh and interesting. Naturally, some mechanics are executed better than others but its this constant change of proceedings that makes the player really eager to progress and see what lays ahead. Couple this with the brilliant execution of these mechanics and It Takes Two easily attains the gold standard as a platformer. Do note that this is no mean feat; what Hazelight have done here is absolutely remarkable and when you combine this with a great story, well designed and endearing characters voiced brilliantly, excellent level design and a game that performs near flawlessly, It Takes Two is a title you simply need to try, especially if you are a fan of cooperative games. I am confident that you will not be disappointed.


It Takes Two is a wonderful game. I don’t typically play platformers, yet I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this one even despite the fact that I played through with Gaz. Let me tell you, that is a massive accomplishment for Josef Fares and Hazelight studios worthy of their marketing materials.

Seriously, you can watch the video and see how genuinely we were enjoying the game. As Gaz mentioned above, the variety of the mechanics and the pacing with which they come and go keeps the game fresh and exciting as you work together(ish) to overcome the variety of challenges. The levels are truly a masterclass in game design, offering wonder and excitement but remaining totally intuitive, intelligently leading you through the puzzles with natural visual cues. There is no over-bearing sense of being told where to go, yet you always know and constantly have a good time trying to get there. I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this; a cursory glance at GameOnDaily is enough to know that critics adore the game. Grab the game, pull in a friend, and have a great time.