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Personalise Your News Feed


When you register and login to the site you can take control of the news that appears in your feed. Most of the features talked about on this page are only available when you are signed into the website.

Platform Preferences

When you register with us we ask you to select the platforms you are interested in. Whenever you look at the GameOnDaily home page or the Your News channel we take these preferences into consideration and filter your news feed according to your selections. You can change your preferences at any time, just go to ‘Edit Profile’.

Curated News

We have a team of curators that will monitor all the news coming in, and we’ll make sure there is a core feed of fresh, interesting news for a broad range of interests. Our curators ensure there is a base level of content for anyone using the site even if they don’t have connections in the community or follow particular news sources. We’ll try to keep the news coming at a steady pace, catching the big stories about up-and-coming games, and offering some diversity without abundant duplication.


Every article you open will have a ‘Beacon’ button. Clicking this button lights it up, and that does 2 things:

  • It contributes points to the article’s score, which is used to determine where the article shows up in the home page feed and on the news pages for people using the ‘Trending’ order.
  • It highlights the article to anyone you are friends with and anyone that follows you, bringing that article into their news feed (if their own preferences aren’t blocking it out).

You can think of it like a ‘Share’ button, or don’t think about it at all and just click it whenever you like an article. You can light up the beacon on anything that appears in your personalised feeds, or you can go fishing in the completely unfiltered “All News” channel and be the one that finds the quality content and starts the spread!

Watch a Source Website

If you like an article or you already have some favourite websites then you can make sure your feed includes all of their content. Click the icon that looks like an eye and ‘Watch this source’.

Note that if you are more interested in catching all the content that a person submits to us then just follow that user or send them a friend request – Everything they submit will go into your feed via the Beacon system.

Share to Other Platforms

Beacons are the way to share content to your community of friends on, but maybe your friends haven’t discovered us yet. You can share articles to other platforms at the click of a button with Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and WhatsApp all supported immediately and we’ve made it easy to copy a URL to your clipboard if you want to share beyond those platforms.

Block Out the Bad Stuff

There may be some content and some websites you really don’t like for any number of reasons. Hit the little flag button and you can choose to block out a single article, or block a source to get rid of all the content from that website. There are a couple of areas things may still show, but your core news feeds will be free of them.

Report the Really Bad Stuff

Another function available under the flag icon. If an article breaches some guidelines or has simply been submitted wrong then you can flag it up for attention from our team of moderators. You can be assured we’ll take a look and take action if necessary.

Manage Your Watch and Block Lists

There is a ‘Watchlist’ tab on your profile that you can use to see and manage your own watched and blocked content, so you can easily undo any regrettable clicks if you need to.