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Commenting Guidelines

Conversations and Replies

Our comments are structured into conversations. Every comment within the conversation will be displayed in chronological order, which is to say that new replies are added to the bottom of the conversation so that it can be read in order.

When you reply to any comment within a conversation your reply will include a reference link to that specific comment, and the person you are replying to will receive a notification. Please take care to press the ‘Reply’ button on the comment that you mean to address.

The ‘Replying to’ reference link on any comment can be clicked or tapped to show exactly who a reply is intended for.

Editing Comments

You have a 10 minute window to edit a comment after posting. Hopefully enough time to proof read your comment and catch any spellinf mistakes!

Embedding Content

Our comment system supports numerous embeds, including YouTube, Giphy, Twitter, Twitch, and image files. You don’t need to grab any special embed codes; just paste the direct link as it comes.

Embedded content must adhere to our rules, as well as the rules of the respective platforms.

External Links

We are happy to allow links to external websites and platforms if the content fits within the commenting guidelines, and does not breach our terms & conditions.

Promotions & Advertisements

Do not try to commercialise the comment section or use it as a platform for self-promotion. Please contact if you wish to discuss the options we have for promotional content.


Swearing is not encouraged, but GameOnDaily is a site for people over 16 years of age and profanity is accepted in a positive and light context. This excludes direct insults and abuse.


Hateful and/or prejudiced comments and language are strictly unacceptable. The banhammer will drop hard and fast.


If content is not safe for work then it is not suitable for the comment section.

Bottom Line

We want to harbour positive, inviting, fun and diverse communities on GameOnDaily. We have a few guidelines in place to help steer things in that direction, but ultimately we need you to embrace our philosophy and help us get there.