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Article Submission Guidelines

It’s Easy!

We have tried to make it so easy for you to submit content to GameOnDaily that you don’t need to read a guide before getting started. There are tooltips to help you every step of the way, so feel free to dive right in.

If you are looking for a little extra guidance or some tips then please read on at your leisure!

Aggregated Content from Gaming Websites

GameOnDaily aggregates news articles from gaming websites around the world. We are full of respect for the journalists that produce the content we feature and our intention is to help people to discover and explore more content, and to help content creators to reach a wider audience.

When you submit Aggregated Content you need to insert the URL for the website. GameOnDaily’s heavily oppressed robot workers first check that the content has not already been submitted, and then scrape the website to see if we can fill in the details for you. Sometimes the robots are highly successful, but other times they need a little help filling out the form. If you want to know why our robots struggle with your website then please contact directly so that we can take a look.

We have a broad range of categories available for content, and you can read more about each category when you select them within the article submission form. Content submitted should be directly related to gaming.

Reviews and Guides will be accepted regardless of the age of the content so long as they are still relevant and applicable. News and topical content should be published within the last 7 days.

You do not need to be the owner or writer of the content you are submitting; if you find an article about gaming that you think fits GameOnDaily then you are welcome to submit it. In this case the golden rule is to respect the owner of the content. Do not include all of the key points or the entirety of a written article such that people will have no reason to engage with the content directly.

Please note that we aggregate content from gaming websites, not items taken directly from Social Media platforms, forums or blogs.

Creating Content on GameOnDaily

If you’re looking for a platform for your own content then we are here for you. Content created directly on GameOnDaily is treated in the same way as content shared from the big gaming websites you know and love; it will show in the same news feeds, it scores points and ranks in the same way, it displays in the same places. The only difference is that the full content is hosted on GameOnDaily.

Creators should strive to match or exceed the quality of content that you expect to find on professional gaming websites. That means well written and/or produced, quality content that adheres to our terms & conditions, and it means proof reading. We are happy to take content in all of the categories available on GameOnDaily (Reviews, Previews, Guides, Commentaries and so on). However, we will not publish unsourced rumours through this channel.

Unlisted Systems (Cloud Streaming, Retro Systems… Cosplayers?)

We are keeping an eye on Google Stadia and other emerging Cloud Streaming platforms to see if there is a need for additional channels. New channels require some back-end work and somebody creative needs to invent a new colour every time, so we don’t take it lightly. For now please submit as follows:

  • Microsoft XCloud – Xbox
  • PlayStation Now – PlayStation
  • Google Stadia – PC
  • GeForce Now – PC
  • Include ‘Mobile’ as a secondary category where it makes sense to do so

If you are submitting content that doesn’t really belong to any of the defined channels then please use ‘Multi-Platform’ as a general channel. That applies to your Neo Geos, your Street Fighter movies, and anything else that doesn’t quite fit into the other defined channels.

Duplicate Stories

We have no rules that prohibit multiple articles reporting on the same topic. Our community members predominately dictate which content spreads and gets coverage, so the first and/or best coverage of a given story should see the most engagement.


Rumours that are covered by gaming websites can be submitted as ‘Speculation’. GameOnDaily curators will not promote rumours; they will only gain traction if our communities choose to fuel them.

Where Articles Display and Why

Articles initially show in the ‘All News’ channel, on the pages dedicated to particular games, on user profiles, and in article searches. In order for content to display on the home page or within the primary channel pages (eg PlayStation) it must meet one of the following conditions:

-The person viewing GameOnDaily has the source website on their Watch list

-The person viewing GameOnDaily has made social connections with other members, and those members have shared the content by lighting the Beacon

-Our team of Curators have identified the article as high interest

In the near future we will introduce new ways to discover and view news that we are confident will benefit both content creators and readers on GameOnDaily.

Getting Views, Engagement, and Traffic

The best way to make sure people see the content you are submitting is through social networking on GameOnDaily. Our communities have the power to dramatically enhance the visibility of the content that they like, so we encourage you to invite friends onto the website and hopefully make some new ones right here, because friends lighting up the beacon on submitted content is the best way to get it in front of more people.

Every member of GameOnDaily can also choose to add any website to their own watch list. People watching a website are very likely to light beacons and expand the organic reach further, which should in turn increase traffic to the website so earning a place on Watch Lists is a valuable thing.

Don’t be afraid to ask people to watch for your articles or follow you on GameOnDaily!

What Our Curators Look For

Our team of curators are tasked with keeping a steady flow of news on the website. We do not define any sure way for you to get content selected by our curators, and suggest that you consider them secondary to building a strong social network. However, in the interest of transparency we will share an overview of what our curators look for:

  • News, Interviews, Reviews, Previews and Trailers concerning new or up-coming games are considered the highest interest content
  • Speculation, Deals, and Guides are unlikely to be curated
  • Where multiple submissions of the same story exist, our curators look to promote the original source, or otherwise the first high quality submission we receive
  • High quality article images are favourable over low quality or text-heavy images
  • Content and images that may be considered NSFW will not be selected

Above all we ask our team to monitor the feel and pulse of GameOnDaily to keep the news feed exciting for our members and our guests.