Hi everyone,

We have had a busy month, and our regular visitors have probably noticed a few of the improvements made in that time. Some of the changes are visually apparent and obvious, but others are buried a little deeper. Some features just deserve a little spotlight, because they just might enhance your time on GameOnDaily!

Start from the top!

The changes we’ve made run from navigation bars at the top of the site, right through to the foot of the page. It makes sense to start this update by mentioning the refreshed design for the navigation bar and menus.

We’ve given the navigation bars a reshuffle. We did this for several reasons; the simplest of those reasons is that it looks better now. The visual aesthetic of GameOnDaily matters a lot, and we care about these details.

The other major reason for the reshuffle is because we need to introduce our new menu. A little click or tap on the ‘burger’ icon at the top left will open our new menu. It may look a little bare right now, but we have a lot of features in development at the moment and we need intuitive menus to accommodate them.

Top Articles

When our Alpha launched we had a fairly typical carousel and we displayed the top trending articles. When the stars aligned and the hottest topics had the nicest images things looked great! But then on other days our visitors were greeted with a stretched out low resolution image of a mobile phone game. The top of the page is the first impression we get to make on anyone that visits GameOnDaily so we had to make some changes.

We’ve redesigned the top articles section to show 3 big articles. We are personally curating these to ensure the visual fidelity of our landing page isn’t compromised, and we encourage all of our contributors to follow our image guidelines and submit pretty pictures where possible. Art work and high quality renders simply look more appealing than title screens and logos, though we appreciate the perfect imagery isn’t always available!

List view, latest news, and some powerful filtering

We love our home page, and we love what it will become as we expand the core features of our site. Hopefully you love it too… but have you tried browsing our news pages instead?

If you go for ‘All News’ or to one of the dedicated channels available on the nav bar you’ll have a view similar to the home page, with some key differences. These pages load your news in vertically, and give you some additional choices in how you consume the juicy articles our contributors are serving you. By default we try to prioritise new and popular content, but frequent visitors may find it easier to catch everything with our simple latest-first view. If your screen is suitably sized you will also have an option to toggle a ‘list view’. This is a matter of personal preference, so take a look. Whatever view you ultimately decide to use, we will still love you.

You’ll also find a special filter box. Try typing in the title of a game you’re interesting in, and you can filter your news to right down to that game. FYI, this filtering system is only as good as the tags our contributors provide. This is the reason we ask our contributors for formal game names, as junk tags are fairly detrimental…

If all that leaves you wondering why the home page doesn’t offer the same feature set as the News pages then all we can say for now is that we have other plans for it. Thrilling and mysterious plans.

Did you know?

Our trending news is pretty smart. There is a lot going on under the hood to keep the news feed interesting and fresh. If you login to the website then we will load up the news grid and prioritise articles that have arrived since your last visit, helping you to keep on top of the news as it comes in.

What is next?

Over the next few days we will deliver new searching functionality, making it easier to find the news and people you’re looking for. After that we’ll undertake a major sprint to deliver the final core pieces of functionality for our news aggregator. These are big critical features that will take a little time to perfect, and we are really looking forward to sharing them with you all.

We are also planning our first push to increase our audience this month, which is a challenge unto itself but should certainly keep things entertaining!

Do we ever get out?

Yes! We took a little time to experience EGX 2019 in London, and met with some of you good people! Check out the video below, courtesy of Crematics:


Thanks for keeping up with us. If you have any comments or questions then feel free to ask here, or email [email protected]

The GameOnDaily Team.