Hi everyone,

Thanks for your support through our Alpha period so far. Your participation has been a massive help and the feedback is really helping to shape and refine our ambitious plans for the platform.

We have a small but significant update on the Alpha platform now that we’re pretty excited to introduce! Please hit the ‘Submit’ button at the top-right (or in the menu for those of you browing on phones), where you will find the following new features:

Improved aggregated news submisison

We went into Alpha with a cumbersome method for you to submit your articles to the site. Honestly, we’ll be forever grateful to those of you that pushed through the pain of manually uploading your images!

Now we have addressed that issue and made huge improvements to the the flow of submitting content from around the web. We set out to make the process of submitting articles intuitive and easy for anyone and the most effective way to prove whether we hit that target is to let you at it without any guidance. So… enjoy!

Introducing ‘Creator Articles’

Throughout our travels we have met a lot of talented content creators that have a lot to offer their gaming communities. Whether that is written reviews, cutting commentaries, guides, or video content, GameOnDaily will work as a direct platform for people to have their voice heard.

Creator articles are not a space for dank memes or blog posts. They are an opportunity for hobbyist or aspiring journalists to share their work and find their audiences alongside established publishers and websites. We’re only offering a basic form for content to kick things off, but you can definitely expect this area to develop in time as we figure out the best ways to support Content Creators.

What else is new?

We have also made some significant changes to the way our moderators handle article approval, which might not sound too exciting but it sets us up for busier times, so it had to be done!

Some of you with keen eyes will have noticed a section of the site has also been removed. The Social element of the site is really important to us and what we had was not even close to the vision we have for it so we have removed it until we can turn it into the feature rich, high quality design we have in mind.

What is next?

We are on a mission to polish and improve the core that we have before moving onto some massive features that are waiting in the wings. We’re nearly ready to expand to a wider audience, but we need to implement some clever ways to manage the quantity of content that will come with that and we think you’ll really like what we have planned. That’s our priority now, and we will also be implementing some quality of life improvements as well as a few of the most requested features we’ve heard from our Alpha testers.


We still have so much lined up for GameOnDaily and we’re really trying to increase the pace that we deliver our huge list of features so please keep checking back, keep offering feedback, and we’ll keep working hard to make sure GameOnDaily is the place to go for everything about gaming!

The GameOnDaily team.