Hi everyone,

You might have noticed a few changes to the GameOnDaily platform recently. Before getting into the updates we’d like to take a moment to extend a massive ‘Thank you’ to everyone that has already joined us on this ride and continues to support us. That includes people we’ve met and talk to regularly, people that silently swing by to see the latest news, and especially individuals and teams that continue to share their content here as we start to pick up some momentum. We definitely see you!

Let’s take a look at what is new, and what it means for you:

Game Directory Listings

We are building a directory of games, and giving each game a dedicated hub for people to follow the latest news and find guides and reviews. Check out our Elden Ring page as an example.

As an aggregation platform GameOnDaily features loads of clever features to help people discover and share content. We’re proud of the systems we have in place to facilitate that. With the Game Directory we aim to do a better job catering to the vibrant fan communities that build around specific titles. We want to serve as the place those fans come together, and help them find people creating cool things centred around their favourite game.

The Game Directory is not a comprehensive database of every game ever created (check out Giant Bomb, Mobygames, IGDB, rawg and several others that diligently serve that purpose). Our vision for the Game Directory is consistent with our vision for the whole platform- we want to facilitate a wide range of diverse communities, and connect those communities with great content creators.

We will be working hard to expand the Game Directory first and foremost to meet those fans and creators where they are, and we will be building hubs around games featured in the content that gets shared through our platform.

What does this mean for Content Creators?

You can continue to submit content in the same manner as you always have. We’re simply going to show it in more places so that more people can discover and engage with it.

The submission process has actually changed ever so slightly. We’ve simplified the forms a little and now we ask you to tell us which game your content relates to. If you can’t find the game in the list, or if your content doesn’t directly relate to any one game, then simply leave this field blank and our team will take care of it.

One other change worth knowing is that we now encourage you to submit Reviews and Guides regardless of when they were published, so long as they can still be considered relevant today.

Is it finished?

Is anything ever finished? We have big plans to expand on the functionality and utility of the Game Directory in some ways that are obvious and some that might surprise you. That’s on top of constantly expanding the number of games in the directory.

Blistering Speed

Alongside development of the Game Directory we have been working on something really important: Optimising the platform for speed.

It’s a tale as old as time: As our platform grew in content and utility things started to slow down, and we found that sucked a lot of joy out of simply browsing the content on offer. Well… Check us out now!

We’ve made some big changes under-the-hood and the improvement is substantial. We obviously use the platform a lot ourselves and it means a lot for it to be snappy and responsive. Optimisation is always going to be an on-going process, but we’re happy with the changes and we hope that you enjoy the experience as well.  


These are not the only changes we’ve made to GameOnDaily (for example, Gaz absolutely insisted we prioritise a custom look for the scroll bar) but they’re the most significant ones that we want to bring to your attention.

We still have huge plans to expand this platform and real challenges we need to meet in order to realise those plans, but we believe GameOnDaily is a great platform now that is ready to welcome everyone that cares about our favourite hobby.  

If you have any comments or questions leave them right here or message us directly.  



The GameOnDaily Team