Hey! We’ve made some changes to GameOnDaily. Changes like… THESE:

Top Channel News

All the dedicated News channels now show the top articles for the channel. We’re using this space to show the top content that people are engaging with. The content in these sections will be the same for everyone, you can take it to be the biggest news of the moment, the week, or the month. I won’t list all the specifics we use to calculate what content is shown here because we’ll be tweaking the formulas if we see a need, but at a high level all the content on the site is scored as people engage with it. You can see that score on the article itself. If you browse by week or month then it’s as simple as that, we’ll show you the top scoring content from that time. The top content of the moment is a little more complicated. We’re still using that score, but we’re decaying it or reducing the weight of it as the content ages. That means that rather than content suddenly dropping from the list after a set period of time it will naturally decline as it ages.

Twitter Community Integration

A lot of the features of GameOnDaily are community driven. The site is at it’s best when people form communities and engage with content together. When you browse the news pages at GameOnDaily we show you the content that people in your community are engaging with. Of course we give you the same power; if you light up the beacon on an article you enjoy then everyone that follows you will see it too! These community sharing features are supposed to be core to the feel of GameOnDaily but we’ve struggled to gain traction there, so we’re taking the initiative and making it easier for people to form those communities. Or more accurately, we’re making it easier for people to extend the communities they already enjoy!

If you register on GameOnDaily using your Twitter account (or link your Twitter account to your existing account if you’re already with us) our system just checks who you follow on Twitter and figure out if they’re also registered with us. If they are already here then we’ll automagically get you following them.

If you aren’t a Twitter user, or you don’t want to link your Twitter account then don’t worry at all. There isn’t a single feature or function at GameOnDaily that demands your Twitter account. We strongly encourage you to follow some people you like and/or add some of your favourite web sources to your watch list to make sure you’re seeing content that’s tailored to you, but you can do all that right here. If you aren’t signing into GameOnDaily… Please do! We still like you and we’ll show you a selection of quality content, but you will get so much more from the site if you sign up.

Leaning Into Community Content Sharing

This one isn’t so much a change to the website, but more of a declaration of intent. We have some really cool features to support a range of communities. We want people to engage with the content they care about, not the content we curate to them. We are still going to be curating content but we are aiming to push less of it. The content we push is supposed to be a baseline, a foundation for people that haven’t got their teeth into our platform yet. If you are visiting us looking to keep up to date with the latest news and find new content creators that you’ll love then as I said above, please sign in and engage with the content and communities you care about to make GameOnDaily your own. You can read more about how those systems work for you right here If you are a content creator wondering what this means for your content and exposure the please take a look at the article submission guidelines We’re always happy to field any questions so just drop us a message on the website or email [email protected] and we’ll help with whatever you need really.

Blocking and Muting

We’re all about positive communities having a good time, but we do acknowledge that it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter people you don’t get along with. We’ve introduced the ability to block or mute the bad apples; simply click their name and hit the button and you won’t need to see their comments anymore. This feature is a work in progress. We have big plans to rework the user profile area and notifications system, and as we do that we’ll make the block and mute functions more powerful and more flexible. We’ve released the feature ahead of time because we appreciate it’s an important function we couldn’t really do without. The fact that you can block/mute people is great if you just don’t get along or don’t want to read what they have to say. It is not meant to replace the reporting system. If someone is breaching our guidelines then please submit a report and we’ll investigate!

Introducing the Retro Channel

Here by popular demand, we have a new channel for everything retro. We love the retro gaming scene and we know a lot of other people do too. We didn’t really cater for it very well…. But now we do! Polite reminder though: We do ask that all content submitted to GameOnDaily is originally published within the last 7 days, and that applies to our retro channel too. Please don’t submit the past 30 years of internet games coverage- The Retro channel is for current coverage of retro games! 🙂

Small Changes, Odds & Ends, Bug fixes, Bullet Points, Memes

  • A couple of new content types are available. Podcasts, Patch Notes, Press Releases.
  • What used to be called ‘All News’ is now ‘Raw Feed’. We noticed a trend of people going straight to this area for maximum news, but by design this really isn’t the best way for people to get their fix. This is a raw unfiltered list of content that the most keen of info-consumers might want to delve into, but “your news” or the specific channels make a for a more enjoyable experience for most people.
  • We’ve retired the eSports channel for now as it wasn’t very compelling. We still plan to delve into eSports, but not until we can do something mind-blowingly cool. That’s just how we like to do things.
  • Some bugs have been thoroughly eradicated. There are still some more lurking about; please let us know if you see them.

What’s Next?

We’ve still got so much to do! First up is our Deals aggregator. You might have noticed that our Deals hub is empty right now and that’s because we want to make some changes to it. When we launched the Deals hub we were pleased with the response. The concept and the presentation were well-received and that’s great. However, Deals Mark 1.0 was fairly unwieldy for us to manage so we are making some key adjustments. When we bring it back it will feature more deals we be a great resource for people looking to do some game shopping! Beyond that we’ve already alluded to big changes to user profiles and notifications. That’s a substantial undertaking so don’t hold your breath, but we’re confident it will be worth the effort. Our vision for the future of the platform beyond those updates is really exciting… But we aren’t ready to  say more just yet!   Thanks again to everyone that supports us and to everyone that enjoys the platform. The GameOnDaily Team