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First of all, welcome to GameOnDaily!

We are building GameOnDaily to be a place we hope gamers can call home. A platform to help you to discover the best and most interesting news, reviews, previews, interviews and much more from around the web, and a place to share your excitement with fellow enthusiasts, content creators, and communities all over the world.

So why ‘Alpha’?

We have so much planned for GameOnDaily that we really can’t wait to see come to life. We have a long way to go to realise all of our ideas, and no doubt we’ll have new ones along the way. However, we are proud and excited by what we have now, and couldn’t wait any longer to share it. We love the concept and the feel of the site, and hope you have a really good experience with it even at this early stage.

There are a few critical elements that we would like to address before removing our Alpha status.

Please share your feedback!

Our platform and our vision for it will grow alongside you and the industry. Your feedback will be invaluable to us so if you have any suggestions, concerns, or ideas please let us know by emailing, by commenting here, or using the feedback widget on the bottom left of the page.

For Journalists and Publishers

We are full of respect for the journalists that produce the content we feature. Our intention is to help people to discover your content, and to help you flourish. We will always respect your work and we aim to generate traffic for you, not steal it away. We think the future will bring us more opportunities to support you in meaningful ways, and we are fully committed to that endeavour.

We will be delivering a Press Pack when we move towards our full launch, but if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks for checking us out, and welcome aboard!

The GameOnDaily team.